Serum PGF2alpha levels during human pregnancy.


Guttierez Cernosek and his colleagues reported that the level of PGF2a in human serum reached a peak during the second trimester of pregnancy, the highest levels being found during the 17th-24th weeks. Earlier studies in this laboratory on late pregnancy have now been extended to earlier gestations and rather than peak levels during the 17th-24th weeks, the lowest levels were found at this time. A total of 128 samples from 106 women were studied. The levels found during the second trimester were significantly lower than those found at earlier gestations. However, the mean serum PGF2a level during the second trimester was not significantly different from the mean level during the third trimester. The discrepancy between the 2 sets of results is very marked, so that there is obviously need for much further research in this sphere.

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