Serratene-type triterpenoids from Huperzia serrata.

  title={Serratene-type triterpenoids from Huperzia serrata.},
  author={H. Zhou and Changheng Tan and Shan-hao Jiang and Da-yuan Zhu},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={66 10},
Seven new and 15 known serratene-type triterpenoids were isolated from the whole plant of Huperzia serrata. The structures of these new triterpenoids were elucidated as 21alpha-hydroxyserrat-14-en-3beta-yl p-dihydrocoumarate (1), 21alpha-hydroxyserrat-14-en-3beta-yl dihydrocaffeate (2), 21alpha-hydroxyserrat-14-en-3beta-yl propanedioic acid monoester (3), 3alpha,21alpha-dihydroxyserrat-14-en-24-oic acid (4), 16-oxo-3alpha,21beta-dihydroxyserrat-14-en-24-al (5), 16-oxo-3alpha,21beta… Expand
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