Serratane-type Triterpenoids from Huperzia Serrata

  title={Serratane-type Triterpenoids from Huperzia Serrata},
  author={H. Zhou and Yun-sen Li and X. Tong and Hui-Qing Liu and Shan-hao Jiang and Da-yuan Zhu},
  journal={Natural Product Research},
  pages={453 - 459}
Sixteen serratane-type triterpenoids including three new compounds, 14β,15β- epoxyserratan-3β,21β,29-triol (1), serrat-14-en-3β,21β,29-triol (2) and serrat-14-en-3α,21β,24,29-tetraol (3), were isolated from the whole plant of Huperzia serrata (Thunb) Trev. The structures of these new compounds (1–3) were elucidated on the basis of spectral analysis. 

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