Serpulidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Hong Kong

  title={Serpulidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Hong Kong},
  author={Yanan Sun and Harry A. ten Hove and J W Qiu},
Serpulidae (Sabellida, Annelida) is a large group of sedentary polychaetes that live in the calcareous tubes they secrete.In addition to being an important component of marine hard-bottom benthic communities, serpulids include several eco-nomically important invasive and/or fouling species. In this paper we describe the serpulids from Hong Kong, based onspecimens collected from a coral community, a fish farm, a public pier and a shipping channel. Seventeen serpulid taxabelonging to five genera… 
Not out of Africa: Spirobranchus kraussii (Baird, 1865) is not a global fouling and invasive serpulid of Indo-Pacific origin
  • C. Simon
  • Environmental Science
    Aquatic Invasions
  • 2019
It is concluded that Spirobranchus kraussii is a warm temperate/subtropical intertidal species restricted to South African coasts and belongs to a globally distributed complex including some tropical fouling and invasive species.
A new species of the Spirobranchus kraussii complex, S. akitsushima (Annelida, Polychaeta, Serpulidae), from the rocky intertidal zone of Japan
Sub-fossil tube aggregations of the new species of Spirobranchus are examined and it is suggested that such aggregation stranded ashore is a good indicator of vertical land movements resulting from past events, such as earthquakes, in Honshu, Japan.
An overview of fouling sedentary polychaetes
F Fouling sedentary polychaetes are widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters, however, they are not homogeneously distributed over the different biogeographical regions.
Fanworms: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Sabellida Levinsen, 1883 is a large morphologically uniform group of sedentary annelids commonly known as fanworms. These annelids live in tubes made either of calcareous carbonate or mucus with
Molecular phylogenetic assessment of Spirobranchus kraussii-complex (Annelida: Serpulidae) from the Japanese Archipelago
Three lineages were recovered within Spirobranchus kraussii-complex in Japan, and one was clearly distinct from the other previously sequenced species and is thus considered to be another distinct species of this species complex.
Massive Aggregations of Serpulidae Associated With Eutrophication of the Mar Menor, Southeast Iberian Peninsula
For decades, inputs of nutrients and organic matter into the Mar Menor coastal lagoon have favored the change from an original oligotrophic to a eutrophic state. The lagoon reached a stage of severe
Polychaete species (Annelida) described from the Philippine and China Seas.
This is a comprehensive list of the original names of all polychaete species described from the South China and Philippine Seas, which contains 1037 species, 345 genera and 60 families.
Marine Annelida of India: taxonomy and status evaluation and an updated checklist
We present an updated checklist of marine annelids from the Indian subcontinent. Records of annelid species were obtained from published and grey literatures and online databases. Our review of