Serpentine locomotion of a snake-like robot in water environment


Serpentine Locomotion is the most common and simplest locomotion form of a snake-like robot; its main characteristic is the wave-like undulation of the snake's body. In order to realize the noticeable features of the snake-like robot's serpentine locomotion in water, we have developed an amphibious snake-like robot which can adapt to terrestrial and underwater environments. After we derived the dynamic equation for the robot's underwater serpentine locomotion, the simulation based on the dynamic model was made using ADAMS, Finally we presented the influence of the robot's joint angle parameters on the underwater performance of the robot and made experiments to validate the result of ideas and simulations.

DOI: 10.1109/ROBIO.2009.4912974

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@article{Zuo2008SerpentineLO, title={Serpentine locomotion of a snake-like robot in water environment}, author={Zhijian Zuo and Zhifeng Wang and Bin Li and Shugen Ma}, journal={2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics}, year={2008}, pages={25-30} }