Serotype-specific outbreak of group B meningococcal disease in Iquique, Chile.

  title={Serotype-specific outbreak of group B meningococcal disease in Iquique, Chile.},
  author={Christina Cruz and G Pavez and E C Aguilar and L. Grawe and John Cam and Fabi{\'a}n M{\'e}ndez and Josefina Garc{\'i}a and Sandra Ru{\'i}z and P Vicent and I C{\'a}nepa},
  journal={Epidemiology and infection},
  volume={105 1},
From 1979 to August 1987, there have been 178 cases of meningococcal disease in Iquique, Chile, a city of about 140,000. The attack rate for the last 5 years has been in excess of 20/100,000 per year, more than 20 times greater than for the country overall. The mortality rate was 6%. The disease occurred in patients with ages from 4 months to 60 years, but 89% of cases were in patients less than 21 years. The largest number of cases were in the age group 5-9 years (n = 54), but the highest… CONTINUE READING


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