Serotonylation of Small GTPases Is a Signal Transduction Pathway that Triggers Platelet α-Granule Release

  title={Serotonylation of Small GTPases Is a Signal Transduction Pathway that Triggers Platelet α-Granule Release},
  author={D. Walther and J. Peter and Sandra Winter and M. H{\"o}ltje and Nils Paulmann and Maik Grohmann and J. Vowinckel and Victor Alamo-Bethencourt and C. Wilhelm and G. Ahnert-Hilger and Michael Bader},
  • D. Walther, J. Peter, +8 authors Michael Bader
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. In the periphery, serotonin functions as a ubiquitous hormone involved in vasoconstriction and platelet function. Serotonin is synthesized independently in peripheral tissues and neurons by two different rate-limiting tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) isoenzymes. Here, we show that mice selectively deficient in peripheral TPH and serotonin exhibit impaired hemostasis, resulting in a reduced risk of thrombosis and thromboembolism… CONTINUE READING
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    Serotonylation: Serotonin Signaling and Epigenetics
    • M. Bader
    • Chemistry, Medicine
    • Front. Mol. Neurosci.
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    Role of a serotonin precursor in development of gut microvilli.
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    Autocrine and paracrine regulatory functions of platelet serotonin
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    Serotonin—more than a neurotransmitter: transglutaminase-mediated serotonylation of C6 glioma cells and fibronectin
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    Down-regulation of the serotonin transporter in hyperreactive platelets counteracts the pro-thrombotic effect of serotonin.
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    Inhibition of serotonin synthesis: A novel therapeutic paradigm.
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    Development of antithrombotic miniribozymes that target peripheral tryptophan hydroxylase
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    Defective platelet activation in G alpha(q)-deficient mice.
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    Stimulated platelets use serotonin to enhance their retention of procoagulant proteins on the cell surface
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    Adenosine nucleotides and serotonin stimulate von Willebrand factor release from cultured human endothelial cells.
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    Characterization of rat platelet serotonin receptors with tryptamine agonists and the antagonists: ketanserin and SCH 23390.
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    Small GTPase Rho regulates thrombin-induced platelet aggregation.
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    Small GTPase Rab4 Regulates Ca2+-induced α-Granule Secretion in Platelets*
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    Thrombospondin and fibrinogen bind serotonin-derivatized proteins on COAT-platelets.
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