Serotonin modulates the oxidative burst of human phagocytes via various mechanisms.

  title={Serotonin modulates the oxidative burst of human phagocytes via various mechanisms.},
  author={Milan C{\'i}z and Daniela Komrskov{\'a} and Lucie Pracharov{\'a} and Katerina Ok{\'e}nkov{\'a} and Hana C{\'i}zov{\'a} and Aneta Moravcov{\'a} and Viera Jan{\vc}inov{\'a} and Margita Petr{\'i}kov{\'a} and Anton{\'i}n Lojek and Radom{\'i}r Nos{\'a}ľ},
  volume={18 8},
Serotonin, the major secretory product of activated platelets, has been widely reported as regulating various constituents of the immune system and immune functions. This modulation is complex and the data available are rather controversial. The aim of the present study was to clarify the mechanisms of serotonin action on human phagocytes. The effect of serotonin in a concentration range of 10(-7) M-10(-3) M on various parameters of oxidative burst of phagocytes was studied using various… CONTINUE READING


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