Serotonin antagonists in the management of cisplatin-induced emesis.

  title={Serotonin antagonists in the management of cisplatin-induced emesis.},
  author={Edith A. Perez and Paul Joseph Hesketh and David R. Gandara},
  journal={Seminars in oncology},
  volume={18 1 Suppl 3},
Cisplatin is recognized as an active chemotherapeutic agent in a broad variety of human tumors. The severe emetic effects of cisplatin, however, result in both acute and delayed emesis syndromes causing considerable morbidity. Over the last decade, the standard of therapy for control of cisplatin-induced emesis has been high-dose metoclopramide. Unfortunately, approximately 30% of cisplatin-treated patients experience emesis despite metoclopramide-based combination antiemetic therapy. Further… CONTINUE READING


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