Serotonin and experimental pain in healthy young volunteers.


OBJECTIVE The role of serotonin in the modulation of nociceptive input has been widely studied, and a link between serum serotonin (S-5HT) and pain thresholds elicited in patients with chronic painful pathologies has been shown. In the light of contradictory concepts on pain message modulation by S-5HT, this study tries to define whether S-5HT displays a… (More)


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@article{Pickering2003SerotoninAE, title={Serotonin and experimental pain in healthy young volunteers.}, author={Gis{\`e}le Pickering and Fa{\"{i}za Januel and Claude Dubray and Alain Eschalier}, journal={The Clinical journal of pain}, year={2003}, volume={19 4}, pages={276-9} }