Serotonergic modulation of behaviour: a phylogenetic overview.

  title={Serotonergic modulation of behaviour: a phylogenetic overview.},
  author={Wendy A Weiger},
  journal={Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society},
  volume={72 1},
  • Wendy A Weiger
  • Published 1997 in
    Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical…
Serotonergic neurons are present in all phyla that possess nervous systems. In most of these phyla, serotonin modulates important behaviours, including feeding, sexual and aggressive behaviour. Serotonin exerts its effects by acting in three basic modes: as a classical neurotransmitter, as a neuromodulator, or as a neurohormone. In a number of invertebrate species, the neural circuitry underlying the effects of serotonin has been well characterized, whereas in vertebrates, the mechanisms by… CONTINUE READING

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