Seroprevalence against Toxoplasma gondii in domiciled cats in Japan.

  title={Seroprevalence against Toxoplasma gondii in domiciled cats in Japan.},
  author={Sadao Nogami and Tadaaki Moritomo and Hiroshi Kamata and Yutaka Tamura and Takeo Sakai and Kazuhide Nakagaki and Satoru Motoyoshi},
  journal={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
  volume={60 9},
A serological survey with latex agglutination test to detect anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies was conducted on 800 serum samples collected from domiciled cats at animal hospitals in various areas of Japan. The overall prevalence was 6.0% (48/800). Among 48 positive individuals, there was no specific distribution of strength of antibody titers; the titers were 1:64 in 8 cats, 1:128 in 12, 1:256 in 8, 1:512 in 10, 1:1,024 in 8 and 1:2,048 in 2. The maximum prevalence was 15.4% in 13 cats at 17… CONTINUE READING

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