Serological differences in Neospora caninum-associated epidemic and endemic abortions.

  title={Serological differences in Neospora caninum-associated epidemic and endemic abortions.},
  author={Gereon Schares and Michael E Rauser and Karl Dietrich Zimmer and Martin Peters and R{\"u}diger Wurm and Jitender Prakash Dubey and Dirk C. de Graaf and Renate Edelhofer and Claudine Mertens and George B. Hess and Franz J Conraths},
  journal={The Journal of parasitology},
  volume={85 4},
A sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the sensitive and specific detection of bovine antibodies to Neospora caninum was developed and evaluated using sera from cattle experimentally infected with N. caninum, Toxoplasma gondii, Sarcocystis cruzi, Sarcocystis hominis, Sarcocystis hirsuta, Eimeria bovis, Cryptosporidium parvum, Babesia divergens, and field sera from naturally exposed animals. Field sera were classified using a gold standard that included the results from an… CONTINUE READING


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