Serological and genetic identification of a bovine B lymphocyte alloantigen system.


A two-colour fluorescence microcytotoxicity test was used to screen antisera for antibodies specific for bovine B lymphocytes. A total of 114 cattle alloantisera were screened against peripheral blood lymphocytes from 100 unrelated individuals. Anti-B lymphocyte activity was detected in 47 antisera. Cytotoxic antibodies to antigens other than B lymphocyte specific antigens were removed by absorbing the antisera with buffy coat cells or platelets isolated from whole blood. Selected antisera were used to type paternal half-sib families. The presence of a polymorphic, MHS-linked antigen system on B lymphocytes was demonstrated. The tissue distribution and MHS linkage of these antigens suggests this system is analogous to the class II or Ia antigens of other species.


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