[Serologic marker as indicator of no circulation of poliovirus in Cuba].


The surveillance of the circulation of the wild poliovirus is an essential element for the eradication of poliomyelitis. The Pan-American Health Organization emphasises on the etiological study of acute flaccid paralysis in order to achieve this aim. The characteristics of our program against this entity allowed to use the presence of antibodies in a sample obtained in February from the infant population born on July during the previous year as criteria to know the circulation of wild poliovirus. In 727 infants studies in the country (5% of the total number of births during July), 99.1% showed no antibodies with a titre equal or greater than 1:10. Low titres found in 7 infants were considered as a remnant from maternal transmission. Results obtained represent a strong evidence of the fact that there is no environmental circulation of poliovirus during the period which had the greatest incidence of the disease.

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