Seroepidemiologic studies of hantavirus infection among wild rodents in California.

  title={Seroepidemiologic studies of hantavirus infection among wild rodents in California.},
  author={Manuela Jay and Michael Ascher and Bruno B. Chomel and Maria Madoń and D. Sesline and Barryett Enge and Brian Hjelle and Thomas Ksiazek and Pierre E. Rollin and Phillip H Kass and Kevin D. Reilly},
  journal={Emerging Infectious Diseases},
  pages={183 - 190}
A total of 4,626 mammals were serologically tested for antibodies to Sin Nombre virus. All nonrodent species were antibody negative. Among wild rodents, antibody prevalence was 8.5% in murids, 1.4% in heteromyids, and < 0.1% in sciurids. Of 1,921 Peromyscus maniculatus (deer mice), 226 (11.8%) were antibody positive, including one collected in 1975. The highest antibody prevalence (71.4% of 35) was found among P. maniculatus on Santa Cruz Island, off the southern California coast. Prevalence of… CONTINUE READING
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