Sero-subtyping of group B, C, Y and A meningococci isolated in France in 1988.


During 1988, 291 strains of various serogroups (B, C, Y and A) isolated in France, have been sero and sub-typed. 74.5 p. cent of the strains were isolated from CSF and blood of patients; 25.4 p. cent were isolated from carriers. The "whole cell ELISA" procedure was used with monoclonal antibodies. The distribution of serotypes among serogroup B strains was as follows: serotype 1 (8.1 p. cent); 2a (19 p. cent); 2b (16.2 p. cent); 4 (20.2 p. cent); 14 (13.5 p. cent); 15 (23 p. cent): 40 p. cent remained non typable (NT). Among serogroup C strains serotype 2a represented 74.5 p. cent of the strains. Serogroup A strains were only of the serotype 4. Serogroup Y strains belonged to serotype 14 or were NT. Some associations between serotypes and subtypes were predominant such as B:2a:P1.2 or B:2b:P1.2 or B:4:P1.15 or B:15:P1.7. Among serogroup C strains the antigenic pattern C:2a:P1.2 was most prevalent.

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