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Serious Leisure In The Digital World: Exploring The Information Behaviour Of Fan Communities

  title={Serious Leisure In The Digital World: Exploring The Information Behaviour Of Fan Communities},
  author={Ludovica Price},
This research investigates the information behaviour of cult media fan communities on the internet, using three novel methods which have not previously been applied to this domain. Firstly, a review, analysis and synthesis of the literature related to fan information behaviour, both within the disciplines of LIS and fan studies, revealed unique aspects of fan information behaviour, particularly in regards to produsage, copyright, and creativity. The findings from this literature analysis were… 

How Passionate People Seek and Share Various Forms of Information in Their Serious Leisure

An analytical review of the existing literature about Human Information Behaviour in the context of Serious Leisure indicates that exploring various aspects of HIB in the SL domain is still an emerging ground and that the majority of studies have been thus far been qualitative.

Information activities in serious leisure as a catalyst for self-actualisation and social engagement

Findings from a research project about human information behaviour in the context of serious leisure confirmed serious leisure is a unique context in terms of the diversity of information activities embedded into a wide range of individual and collective actions in this context.

Fandom, Folksonomies and Creativity: the case of the Archive of Our Own

  • Ludi Price
  • Computer Science
    The Human Position in an Artificial World: Creativity, Ethics and AI in Knowledge Organization
  • 2019
This paper explores how Archive of The authors' Own’s curated folksonomy allows fans to make full and creative use of their own original, freeform tags, while also building a highly granular and sophisticated taxonomy which serves the community by maintaining a high degree of accuracy while also preserving the folksonomic properties of freeform tagging.

Information as Meaningful Experience

  • Priya Kizhakkethil
  • Psychology
    Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology
  • 2021
Leisure is seen as important in the settlement and acculturation experiences of immigrant and refugee populations as well as helping them in maintaining their cultural identity and ties to their

A Pilot Study of Fan Fiction Writer’s Legal Information Behavior

  • Rebecca Katz
  • Law
    Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship
  • 2019
Fan fiction, a genre using pre-existing and often copyrighted media as a springboard for new stories, raises several legal challenges. While fans may benefit from copyright limitations, their actual

Beyond the multidisciplinary in fan studies: Learning how to talk among disciplines

In light of the Fan Studies Network's statement regarding fan studies being overrun with whiteness, we are in a unique position to engage in scholarship that challenges the overwhelmingly white and

Multi-scale mapping of cultural ecosystem services in a socio-ecological landscape: A case study of the international Wadden Sea Region

ContextThe governance of international natural World Heritage sites is extremely challenging. In the search for effective multilevel governance there is a need to identify the community of people



‘Being in a knowledge space’: Information behaviour of cult media fan communities

A literature analysis shows that information practices are an inherent and major part of fan activities, and that fans are practitioners of new forms of information consumption and production, showing sophisticated activities of information organisation and dissemination.

Information activities as serious leisure within the fanfiction community

Investigation of conventions looking for evidence of information-related pursuits as serious leisure as well as wayfinding and organizing conventions of fanfiction communities provide librarianship with the opportunity to consider traditional activities in new ways.

The bibliographical structure of fan information

It is concluded that information professionals should re‐examine the world of fan‐based literature in order to become better informed about the information seeking activities of potential library users and to use their existing expertise to make links between the worldof fan literature, and the resources of public and academic libraries.

Social media fandom: The construction of identity in the cases of “The 100” and “Once Upon A Time” Tumblr communities

This study aims to combine the two research areas of digital communication and fan studies by studying TV fandom communities in the digital platform of Tumblr, and aims to explore how fans perform, express and construct their identities through digital practices and within specific mediated fan communities.

The role of information in a community of hobbyist collectors

It is found that the information needs and information seeking of hobbyist collectors is best represented as an interrelationship between information and object needs, information sources, and interactions between collectors and their publics.

Slow Delphi: An investigation into information behaviour and the Slow Movement

A novel variant of the Delphi technique, termed the Slow Delphi, was devised for this study, aimed at eliciting qualitative understanding of complex conceptual topics, where there are a variety of perspectives and positions to be considered.

Choosing people: the role of social capital in information seeking behaviour

Results indicate that respondents chose people who had better resources than they had and were not well known by them, which suggests that respondents were deliberate in their choice of people information sources.

Information behaviour of music record collectors

The study shows that record collectors are exemplars of serious leisure practitioners, with distinct information behaviour, and adds to the knowledge ofserious leisure as a topic for study within information science.

Slow information in theory and practice: a qualitative exploration into the implications of a Slow perspective of human information behaviour

This research project was motivated by the question of how a Slow perspective may relate to and impact upon theories of information behaviour and upon everyday information practices. Two related

Fandom as a Prosumer : Study on Information Behavior of Fandom

This study posits the activities of the fandom as information behavior: information producing, information diffusion, information sharing. The authors identify the underlying motivation and needs