Serious Games for the Pediatric Anklebot


The goal of Serious Games (SGs) in motor therapy has been established since the early studies with the MIT-Manus robot. It is important to keep the patient engaged during sensorimotor rehabilitation. Here we describe the development of three SGs, namely the Shipwreck, the Race for Noah's Ark, and Soccer 2014. The games are intended to be used with the Pediatric Anklebot and provide an interactive environment to the assist-as-needed robotic therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy ages 5 to 8. As with the games developed for the MIT-Manus robot, the SGs are visually-guided, visually-evoked, easy to play with, and promote training of the impaired ankle in dorsi-plantar flexion and inversion-eversion. The games' goal is to reinforce meaningful play and challenge. We have recently initiated clinical testing employing these games and expect to determine if motor learning model offers a meaningful approach to lower extremity rehabilitation efforts.

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