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Serious Games : An Overview

  title={Serious Games : An Overview},
  author={Tarja Susi and Mikael Johannesson and Per Backlund},
This report discusses some issues concerning serious games, that is, (digital) games used for purposes other than mere entertainment. The starting point is the serious games concept itself, and wha ... 

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Serious Games : Present and Future
This paper discusses the current situation regarding games as pedagogical tools, more specifically, so called serious games. Based on contemporary literature and an empirical study in the form of i
A Conceptual Framework for Serious Games
A conceptual model for serious games that will contribute to their design and the measurement of achievement in meeting their learning outcomes is defined.
LawVille : a Collaborative Serious Game
LawVille, a Web-Based Collaborative Serious Game aimed at teaching citizenship and the Italian Constitution to secondary school students is presented.
Serious games are not only games for an entertaining purpose, they are also designed to teach concepts in a playful way. These games are more and more popular in the family, school and work
Planning Serious Games: Adapting Approaches for Development
The importance of planning in serious games, particularly to identify the best approach to be adopted for the development of serious games for oral health education for children and adults is reported.
Serious Games
  • N. Ferreira
  • Computer Science
    Encyclopedia of Education and Information Technologies
  • 2020
This kind of applications leaves the domain of entertainment and enters the serious business, leaving behind a trail of sharing the graphics engine, some directives of interaction and even in some cases, the fun.
Game Design Patterns for Learning
Kelle, S. (2012). Game Design Patterns for Learning. November, 9, 2012, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, CELSTEC. Aachen: Shaker Verlag.
A framework for evidence based visual style development for serious games
A framework for connecting computer graphics techniques and visual style in video game design with targeted learning outcomes for students is presented as a useful way to economize design development efforts and incorporate visual development in addition to player immersion as an indicator of expected effectiveness for serious games.
Applying a Serious Game Quality Model
A preliminary version of a Serious Game Quality Model (QSGame-Model) is introduced and an example of the application of this model is presented and the future empirical studies that are planned to perform in order to refine and validate the model are outlined.
Serious Games and Board Games Versus Cultural Changes
The impact of computer games on human functioning has become the subject of many studies and scientific reports. With the development of technology, games have transcended boards and become part of


Games and learning about form in architecture
Mindless repetition: Learning from computer games
Serious Games: Games That Educate, Train, and Inform
Coverage includes- David "RM" Michael has been a successful independent software developer for over 10 years, working in a variety of industries, including video games. He is the owner of DavidRM
Literature Review in Games and Learning
This review highlights the key areas of research in the field, in particular the increasing interest in pleasurable learning, learning through doing and learning through collaboration, that games seem to offer.
The video game industry has been a major influence on students' lives in recent years. Now researchers consider how games might be used in pursuit of engaging, effective learning experiences. Kurt
Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games
Kurt Squire is a PhD candidate in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University, and is currently working as a research manager at MIT on the Microsoft-MIT funded Games-to-Teach Project. His
From visual simulation to virtual reality to games
  • M. Zyda
  • Computer Science, Art
  • 2005
Leveraging technology from the visual simulation and virtual reality communities, serious games provide a delivery system for organizational video game instruction and training.
Seriously considering play: Designing interactive learning environments based on the blending of microworlds, simulations, and games
The history, research, and theory related to play suggests that play is a powerful mediator for learning throughout a person's life and the time has come to couple the ever increasing processing capabilities of computers with the advantages of play.
Digital game-based learning: Towards an experiential gaming model
  • K. Kiili
  • Computer Science
    Internet High. Educ.
  • 2005
GamePlan: Serious Gaming for Place Making
A concept prototype is emerging to manage, inform and support collaboration in Town Planning in relation to developing policies, regarding future city or street shapes, and judging insertions into existing spatio-physical environments.