Serine proteases and their serpin inhibitors in Alzheimer's disease.


Our article documents recent studies in the proteolytic processing of the Alzheimer's beta-amyloid protein precursor (beta-APP), as well as the role of thrombin and its potent inhibitor, protease nexin I in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Since synapse loss correlates best with cognitive decline in AD, we also present in detail, our model of synapse formation and elimination, reviewing recent findings related to the subject as well as our own original data. Recent exciting findings concerning the involvement of thrombin-like activity in synapse elimination, which we feel to be important in neural plasticity are also discussed.

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@article{Ho1994SerinePA, title={Serine proteases and their serpin inhibitors in Alzheimer's disease.}, author={Gah Juan Ho and Irina V. Smirnova and M Akaaboune and Daniel Hanta{\"{i} and Barry W Festoff}, journal={Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomédecine & pharmacothérapie}, year={1994}, volume={48 7}, pages={296-304} }