Serine protease of pestiviruses: determination of cleavage sites.

  title={Serine protease of pestiviruses: determination of cleavage sites.},
  author={Norbert Tautz and Knut Elbers and Dieter Stoll and Gregor Meyers and H. J. Thiel},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={71 7},
The single-stranded genomic RNA of pestiviruses is of positive polarity and encompasses one large open reading frame of about 4,000 codons. The resulting polyprotein is processed co- and posttranslationally by virus-encoded and host cell proteases to give rise to the mature viral proteins. A serine protease residing in the nonstructural (NS) protein NS3 (p80) has been shown to be essential for the release of the NS proteins located downstream of NS3. In this report the NS3 serine protease… CONTINUE READING
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