Series Viscoelastic Actuators Can Match Human Force Perception

  title={Series Viscoelastic Actuators Can Match Human Force Perception},
  author={Federico Parietti and Gabriel Baud-Bovy and Elia Gatti and Robert Riener and Lino Guzzella and Heike Vallery},
  journal={IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics},
Series elastic actuators (SEAs) are frequently used for force control in haptic interaction, because they decouple actuator inertia from the end effector by a compliant element. This element is usually a metal spring or beam, where the static force-deformation relationship offers a cheap force sensor. For high-precision force control, however, the remaining small inertia of this elastic element and of the end effector still limit the sensing performance and rendering transparency. Here, we… CONTINUE READING
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