Serial lactate determinations during circulatory shock.

  title={Serial lactate determinations during circulatory shock.},
  author={Jean-Louis Vincent and P. Dufaye and J. Y. Le Berre and Marc Leeman and Jean Paul Degaute and Robert J. Kahn},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={11 6},
The time course of lactacidemia was studied prospectively in 17 patients during fluid resuscitation for an episode of noncardiogenic shock, in 5 patients after grand mal seizures, and in 5 patients after successful CPR for cardiac arrest. The 9 patients in whom shock was reversed with fluid administration demonstrated a regular decrease in lactate concentrations, which exceeded 5% of the initial value during the first 60 min of treatment. In the other patients who expired despite similar… CONTINUE READING


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