Serene Arts: The Effect of Personal Unsettledness and of Paintings' Narrative Structure on Personality

  title={Serene Arts: The Effect of Personal Unsettledness and of Paintings' Narrative Structure on Personality},
  author={Maja Djikic and Keith Oatley and Jordan B. Peterson},
  journal={Empirical Studies of the Arts},
  pages={183 - 193}
Previous research has demonstrated that art can produce some variation in self-reported personality traits. The present experiment addressed two questions. First, does visual art cause greater fluctuations in personality for unsettled or serene individuals, and second, do unsettled individuals respond more to art as a function of its narrative structure? Participants (N = 61) completed a set of questionnaires, then viewed a series of paintings, Giotto's Seven Vices, either unmodified to exhibit… 

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