Sequestered fulvinol-related polyacetylenes in Peltodoris atromaculata.


The Mediterranean dorid nudibranch Peltodoris atromaculata that had been collected while feeding on Haliclona fulva was shown to sequester long-chain fulvinol-like polyacetylene metabolites (compounds 2-5) from the prey. They were isolated along with previously reported bromorenierins from the diethyl ether extracts of both the mollusk and the sponge. Their… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/np500298h


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@article{Ciavatta2014SequesteredFP, title={Sequestered fulvinol-related polyacetylenes in Peltodoris atromaculata.}, author={Maria Letizia Ciavatta and Genoveffa Nuzzo and Kentaro Takada and V{\'e}ronique Mathieu and Robert Kiss and Guido Villani and Margherita Gavagnin}, journal={Journal of natural products}, year={2014}, volume={77 7}, pages={1678-84} }