Sequential unfolding of ankyrin repeats in tumor suppressor p16.

  title={Sequential unfolding of ankyrin repeats in tumor suppressor p16.},
  author={Kit S Tang and A. R. Fersht and Laura S. Itzhaki},
  volume={11 1},
The ANK repeat is a ubiquitous 33-residue motif that adopts a beta hairpin helix-loop-helix fold. Multiple tandem repeats stack in a linear manner to produce an elongated structure that is stabilized predominantly by short-range interactions between residues close in sequence. The tumor suppressor p16(INK4) consists of four repeats and represents the minimal ANK folding unit. We found from Phi value analysis that p16 unfolded sequentially. The two N-terminal ANK repeats, which are distorted… CONTINUE READING