Sequential Oxidative and Reductive Radical Cyclization Approach toward Asperparaline C and Synthesis of Its 8-Oxo Analogue.

  title={Sequential Oxidative and Reductive Radical Cyclization Approach toward Asperparaline C and Synthesis of Its 8-Oxo Analogue.},
  author={Tynchtyk Amatov and Radek Pohl and Ivana C{\'i}sařov{\'a} and Ullrich Jahn},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={19 5},
The most advanced approach, so far, to the asperparalines is developed. Consecutive oxidative and reductive radical cyclizations serve as the key steps to stereoselectively access the complex fully elaborated skeleton containing the cyclopentane and spiro-succinimide units. 
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