Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice

  title={Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice},
  author={Pradipta Sarkar},
Marchenko, A. A., and Pastur, L. A. (1967), “Distribution of Eigenvalues for Some Sets of Random Matrices,” Mathematics of the USSR-Sbornik, 1, 457– 483. Mardia, K. V., Kent, J. T., and Bibby, J. M. (1979), Multivariate Analysis, New York: Academic Press. Mehta, M. L. (1967), Random Matrices and the Statistical Theory of Energy Levels, New York: Academic Press. Wigner, E. P. (1958), “On the Distribution of the Roots of Certain Symmetric Matrices,” The Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 67, 325… CONTINUE READING
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