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Sequential Flows by Irrelevant Operators

  title={Sequential Flows by Irrelevant Operators},
  author={Christian Ferko and Savdeep Sethi},
We explore whether one can T T deform a collection of theories that are already T T -deformed. This allows us to define classes of irrelevant deformations that know about subsystems. In some basic cases, we explore the spectrum that results from this procedure and we provide numerical evidence in favor of modular invariance. We also study the flow of the classical Lagrangian for free bosons and free fermions under successive deformations. Some of the models found by sequentially flowing are likely… 

$T\bar{T}$ flow as characteristic flows

We show that method of characteristics provides a powerful new point of view on T ¯ T -and related deformations. Previously, the method of characteristics has been applied to T ¯ T -deformation

Stress Tensor Flows, Birefringence in Non-Linear Electrodynamics, and Supersymmetry

We identify the unique stress tensor deformation which preserves zero-birefringence conditions in non-linear electrodynamics, which is a 4d version of the TT operator. We study the flows driven by

Holography and Irrelevant Operators

We explore the holographic proposal involving spacetimes with linear dilaton asymptotics in three dimensions from a gravity perspective. The holographic dual shares some properties with a symmetric



T ¯ T deformed partition functions

: We demonstrate the presence of modular properties in partition functions of T ¯ T deformed conformal field theories. These properties are verified explicitly for the deformed free boson. The modular

T T-deformed 2D quantum eld theories

It was noticed many years ago, in the framework of massless RG ows, that the irrelevant composite operator T T, built with the components of the energy-momentum tensor, enjoys very special properties

Hamiltonian deformations in quantum mechanics, TT¯ , and the SYK model

Motivated by $T\bar T$, we introduce and study a wide class of solvable deformations of quantum-mechanical theories. These deformations map the Hamiltonian to a function of itself. We solve these

On TT¯ deformations and supersymmetry

We investigate the “TT¯ ” deformations of two-dimensional supersymmetric quantum field theories. More precisely, we show that, by using the conservation equations for the supercurrent multiplet, the

T ¯ T -deformations in closed form

: We consider the problem of exact integration of the T ¯ T -deformation of two dimensional quantum field theories, as well as some higher dimensional extensions in the form of det T -deformations.

T T Deformations of Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

We define a manifestly supersymmetric version of the T T deformation appropriate for a class of (0 + 1)-dimensional theories with N = 1 or N = 2 supersymmetry, including one presentation of the

TT¯ flows and (2, 2) supersymmetry

We construct a solvable deformation of two-dimensional theories with (2, 2) supersymmetry using an irrelevant operator which is a bilinear in the supercurrents. This supercurrent-squared operator is

Solving a family of T T̄ -like theories

1 We deform two-dimensional quantum field theories by antisymmetric combina2 tions of their conserved currents that generalize Smirnov and Zamolodchikov’s 3 T T̄ deformation. We obtain that energy

An integrable Lorentz-breaking deformation of two-dimensional CFTs

It has been recently shown that the deformation of an arbitrary two-dimensional conformal field theory by the composite irrelevant operator T \bar TTT‾, built from the components of the stress

Holography Beyond AdS