Sequencing DNA by dynamic force spectroscopy: limitations and prospects.

  title={Sequencing DNA by dynamic force spectroscopy: limitations and prospects.},
  author={Nikolaos K. Voulgarakis and Antonio Jos{\'e} Garc{\'i}a Redondo and A. R. Bishop and Kim O. Rasmussen},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={6 7},
Using a well established model, we systematically analyze fundamental limitations on the viability of using mechanical unzipping of DNA as a fast and inexpensive sequencing method. Standard unzipping techniques, where double-stranded DNA is unzipped through the application of a force at one end of the molecule, are shown to be inadequate. Emerging techniques that unzip DNA by local force application are more promising, and we establish the necessary experimental requirements that must be met… CONTINUE READING

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