Sequences of versatile broad-host-range vectors of the RK2 family.

  title={Sequences of versatile broad-host-range vectors of the RK2 family.},
  author={Heather N. Scott and Philip D. Laible and Deborah K. Hanson},
  volume={50 1},
Plasmid pRK404-a smaller derivative of RK2-is a tetracycline-resistant broad-host-range vector that carries a multiple cloning site and the lacZ(alpha) peptide that enables blue/white selection for cloned inserts in Escherichia coli. We present herein the complete and annotated sequence of pRK404 and three related vectors-pRK437, pRK442, and pRK442(H). These derivatives have proven to be valuable tools for genetic manipulation in Gram-negative bacteria. The knowledge of their complete sequences… CONTINUE READING

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