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Sequences and Arrays Perfect Periodic Corre with ation

  title={Sequences and Arrays Perfect Periodic Corre with ation},
  author={Hans Dieter},

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Adaptive sequential refinement: A tractable approach for ambiguity function shaping in cognitive radar

This work develops a new approach called Adaptive Sequential Refinement (ASR) to suppress the clutter returns for a desired range-Doppler, i.e. ambiguity function response, and establishes formally that the problem in each step of the iteration has a closed form solution.



Construction of Sequences with Good Correlation Properties

New techniques are presented for the design of sequences with good correlation properties. These methods can be used to construct sequences with out-of-phase periodic autocorrelation values of zero,

Two-dimensional synchronisation

A method for effecting two-dimensional location or synchronisation using finite field matrices and some of their properties is proposed.

Folgen mit perfekten periodischen Auto- und Kreuzkorrelationsfunktionen

Übers icht : Es wird zunächst über Eigenschaften, Synthese und Anwendung reellwertiger, zeitdiskreter Signale mit ideal impulsförmiger, periodischer Autokorrelationsfunktion berichtet. Über ein

Coded aperture imaging with uniformly redundant arrays.

Computer simulations show that the URA with significant shot and background noise is vastly superior to random array techniques without noise, and permits a detector which is smaller than its random array counterpart.

Electronics Letters

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On the existence of perfect maps (Corresp.)

  • B. Gordon
  • Computer Science
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  • 1966

Polyphase codes with good nonperiodic correlation properties

  • R. Frank
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
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N -phase Codes are described which have an autocorrelation function with one main peak and very small side peaks and doppler shift effects appear to be similar to those of linear FM radar pulse compression.