Sequence-specific transcriptional repression by KS1, a multiple-zinc-finger-Krüppel-associated box protein.

  title={Sequence-specific transcriptional repression by KS1, a multiple-zinc-finger-Kr{\"u}ppel-associated box protein.},
  author={Brian A Gebelein and Raul A Urrutia},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={21 3},
The vertebrate genome contains a large number of Krüppel-associated box-zinc finger genes that encode 10 or more C(2)-H(2) zinc finger motifs. Members of this gene family have been proposed to function as transcription factors by binding DNA through their zinc finger region and repressing gene expression via the KRAB domain. To date, however, no Krüppel-associated box-zinc finger protein (KRAB-ZFP) and few proteins with 10 or more zinc finger motifs have been shown to bind DNA in a sequence… CONTINUE READING

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