Sequence-specific DNA nicking endonucleases.

  title={Sequence-specific DNA nicking endonucleases.},
  author={Shuang-yong Xu},
  journal={Biomolecular concepts},
  volume={6 4},
A group of small HNH nicking endonucleases (NEases) was discovered recently from phage or prophage genomes that nick double-stranded DNA sites ranging from 3 to 5 bp in the presence of Mg2+ or Mn2+. The cosN site of phage HK97 contains a gp74 nicking site AC↑CGC, which is similar to AC↑CGR (R=A/G) of N.ϕGamma encoded by Bacillus phage Gamma. A minimal nicking domain of 76 amino acid residues from N.ϕGamma could be fused to other DNA binding partners to generate chimeric NEases with new… CONTINUE READING
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