Sequence requirements for RNA binding by HuR and AUF1.

  title={Sequence requirements for RNA binding by HuR and AUF1.},
  author={Andrew B Barker and Michael R. Epis and Corrine J. Porter and Benjamin R Hopkins and Matthew Charles James Wilce and Jacqueline A Wilce and Keith M. Giles and Peter J. Leedman},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry},
  volume={151 4},
The stability of RNAs bearing AU-rich elements in their 3'-UTRs, and thus the level of expression of their protein products, is regulated by interactions with cytoplasmic RNA-binding proteins. Binding by HuR generally leads to mRNA stabilization and increased protein production, whereas binding by AUF1 isoforms generally lead to rapid degradation of the mRNA and reduced protein production. The exact nature of the interplay between these and other RNA-binding proteins remains unclear, although… CONTINUE READING

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