Sequence polymorphisms of cDNA clones encoding the mite allergen Der p I.

  title={Sequence polymorphisms of cDNA clones encoding the mite allergen Der p I.},
  author={Kaw Yan Chua and P K Kehal and Wayne Robert Thomas},
  journal={International archives of allergy and immunology},
  volume={101 4},
Sequence information has been obtained from 5 cDNA clones encoding the major house dust mite allergen Der p I, including one which codes for the full length preproenzyme form of the molecule. All translated sequences were unique with 1-3 differences between each clone. 4/5 of the substitutions found were to residues found in Der f I and two positions had a substitution in more than one clone. The polymorphisms included residues already described to be in T cell epitopes, so as well as being… CONTINUE READING

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Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology • 1998

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