Sequence polymorphism in the mtDNA HV1 region in Japanese and Chinese.

  title={Sequence polymorphism in the mtDNA HV1 region in Japanese and Chinese.},
  author={Yuko Nishimaki and Keita Sato and Lee-shing Fang and Miling Ma and Hayato Hasekura and Barry Boettcher},
  journal={Legal medicine},
  volume={1 4},
We investigated the nucleotide substitution and insertion/deletion polymorphism of the HV1 region in mtDNA by sequencing blood samples from 150 unrelated Japanese and 120 unrelated Chinese and revealed 108 sequence types from the Japanese group and 87 sequence types from the Chinese. Some substitutions were characteristic of East Asian populations as compared with data reported on Caucasian populations, and some were area-specific among East Asians. The level of genetic diversity and genetic… CONTINUE READING

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