Sequence of the halobacterial glycosaminoglycan.

  title={Sequence of the halobacterial glycosaminoglycan.},
  author={G P Paul and Felix Wieland},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={262 20},
The cell-surface glycoprotein of halobacterium contains a sulfated repeating unit saccharide chain, similar to the mammalian glycosaminoglycans. The composition of a presumptive repeating pentasaccharide unit of this glycosaminoglycan is 1 GlcNAc, 1 GalNAc, 1 Gal, 1 GalA (where GalA represents galacturonic acid), 1 3-O-methyl-GalA, and 2 SO42-. Linkage to protein of this glycoconjugate involves the hitherto unique unit Asn-GalNAc, with the N-linked asparagine residue being the second NH2… CONTINUE READING

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