Sequence of the genome of Salmonella bacteriophage P22.

  title={Sequence of the genome of Salmonella bacteriophage P22.},
  author={C Vander Byl and Andrew M Kropinski},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={182 22},
The sequence of the nonredundant region of the Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium temperate, serotype-converting bacteriophage P22 has been completed. The genome is 41,724 bp with an overall moles percent GC content of 47.1%. Numerous examples of potential integration host factor and C1-binding sites were identified in the sequence. In addition, five potential rho-independent terminators were discovered. Sixty-five genes were identified and annotated. While many of these had been described… CONTINUE READING

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