Sequence of reovirus haemagglutinin predicts a coiled-coil structure

  title={Sequence of reovirus haemagglutinin predicts a coiled-coil structure},
  author={Rhonda Bassel-Duby and Anula K. Jayasuriya and Devjani Chatterjee and Nahum Sonenberg and Jacob V. Maizel and Bernard Nathan Fields},
The use of modern techniques has led to new insights into the molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenesis1. Although the infectious process is quite complex, it is clear that one critical stage, the interaction of viral attachment proteins with cell-surface receptors, often has a major role in determining the pattern of infection2. The mammalian reoviruses have served as useful models for understanding the molecular basis of viral pathogenesis2. The mammalian reovirus haemagglutinin (σ1 protein… CONTINUE READING
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