Sequence diversity of the plasmid replication gene repC in the Rhizobiaceae.

  title={Sequence diversity of the plasmid replication gene repC in the Rhizobiaceae.},
  author={Kurt Palmer and Sarah Lea Turner and J Peter W Young},
  volume={44 3},
The repABC operon is essential for stable maintenance of some Rhizobiaceae plasmids and of pTAV320 from Paracoccus versutus. These plasmids are the largest described family of homologous, yet compatible replicons. The repC gene is essential for plasmid replication, and previous work identified four distinct sequence groups (repC1, repC2, repC3, and repC4) that appear to define different compatibility classes. Probes for these different groups were used to characterize plasmids in Rhizobium… CONTINUE READING
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