Sequence-directed DNA translocation by purified FtsK.

  title={Sequence-directed DNA translocation by purified FtsK.},
  author={Paul J Pease and Oren Levy and Gregory J Cost and Jeff Gore and Jerod L. Ptacin and David Sherratt and C. Bustamante and Nicholas R. Cozzarelli},
  volume={307 5709},
DNA translocases are molecular motors that move rapidly along DNA using adenosine triphosphate as the source of energy. We directly observed the movement of purified FtsK, an Escherichia coli translocase, on single DNA molecules. The protein moves at 5 kilobases per second and against forces up to 60 piconewtons, and locally reverses direction without dissociation. On three natural substrates, independent of its initial binding position, FtsK efficiently translocates over long distances to the… CONTINUE READING