Sequence and analysis of chromosome 4 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana

  title={Sequence and analysis of chromosome 4 of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana},
  author={Klaus F.X Mayer and Christoph Sch{\"u}ller and R. Wambutt and George W. Murphy and G. Volckaert and T. Pohl and Andreas Duesterhoeft and Willem J. Stiekema and K. -D. Entian and Nancy Terryn and Barbara Harris and Wilhelm Ansorge and Petra Brandt and Les A. Grivell and Michael Rieger and M. Weichselgartner and Vincenzo De Simone and B. Obermaier and R. Mache and Mikl{\'o}s M{\"u}ller and Martin Kreis and Michel Delseny and Pere Puigdom{\'e}nech and M D Watson and T. Schmidtheini and Bernd Reichert and D. Portatelle and Manuel Perez-Alonso and Marc Boutry and Ian Bancroft and Pieter Vos and J{\"o}rg D. Hoheisel and Wolfgang Zimmermann and Holger Wedler and Paul Ridley and S A Langham and Bronwyn McCullagh and Lorelei J Bilham and Johan Robben and Jan van der Schueren and Barbara Grymonprez and Y.-J. Chuang and Frank F. P. H. Vandenbussche and M. Braeken and I. Weltjens and Marleen Voet and Ilse Bastiaens and Rita Aert and E. Defoor and T. Weitzenegger and Gordana Bothe and U. Ramsperger and Helmut Hilbert and Martina Braun and Elie Holzer and Alexander Brandt and Sander Peters and Marjo van Staveren and Wim G. Dirkse and P. Mooijman and Rene Klein Lankhorst and Matthias Rose and Johannes Hauf and Peter Koetter and Simone Berneiser and Svenja Hempel and Mareike Feldpausch and Steven Lamberth and Hilde Van den Daele and Annick De Keyser and C. Buysshaert and Jacques Gielen and Raimundo Villarroel and Rafael De Clercq and Marc Van Montagu and Jane Rogers and Ann Cronin and Michael A. Quail and Sarah P Bray-Allen and Louise Clark and Jonathon Doggett and Sarah Hall and Michael Kay and Nicola Lennard and Kirsten E McLay and Rebecca Mayes and A M Pettett and M.-A. Rajandream and Mike Lyne and Vladimir Benes and S. Rechmann and Dana Borkova and Helmut Bl{\"o}cker and Maren Scharfe and Michael Grimm and T H L{\"o}hnert and S. Dose and M. de Haan and A. C. Maarse and Martin K-H Schaefer and Silke M{\"u}ller-Auer and Christopher Gabel and Miriam Fuchs and Berthold Fartmann and Katrin Granderath and D. Dauner and A. Herzl and Silvia Neumann and Anagnostis Argiriou and Deborah Vitale and Rosario Liguori and E. Piravandi and Olivier Massenet and Françoise Quigley and G. Clabauld and Axel Muendlein and Rainer Felber and Stefan Schnabl and Reinhard Hiller and Wilhelm Schmidt and Alain Lecharny and S{\'e}bastien Aubourg and Françoise Chefdor and Richard Cooke and Christel Berger and Anne Montfort and Elena Casacuberta and Terry Gibbons and Nicolas Weber and Micheline Vandenbol and M{\'o}nica Bargues and Javier Terol and Adela Torres and Alejandro P{\'e}rez-P{\'e}rez and B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Purnelle and Elisabeth G. Bent and S ott Johnson and Daryl Tacon and Taco P Jesse and Leo Heijnen and Ste ¡ en Schwarz and P. Scholler and Steffen Heber and P. Francs and Cord Bielke and Dmitrij Frishman and Dirk Haase and Kai Lemcke and Hans Werner Mewes and Susanne Stocker and P. Zaccaria and Michael Bevan and Richard K. Wilson and Melissa de la Bastide and Kristina Habermann and Larry Parnell and Neilay Dedhia and Lidia Gnoj and Kristin Schutz and Emily B Huang and Lori Spiegel and M. Sehkon and Jennifer Murray and P. Sheet and Matt Cordes and J. Abu-Threideh and Tamberlyn Stoneking and Joelle M. Kalicki and Tina Graves and Gwen Harmon and Jennifer B. Edwards and Phil Latreille and Laura Courtney and Joann Cloud and Alison Abbott and Kelsi Scott and D. B. Johnson and Patrick Minx and David B Bentley and Bob Fulton and Nancy M. Miller and T. Greco and Kim Kemp and Joseph Kramer and Lucinda Fulton and Elaine R. Mardis and Mike Dante and Kymberlie Pepin and L G Hillier and Joanne Nelson and John Spieth and Elizabeth A Ryan and Stephanie Andrews and C. Geisel and Dan Layman and Hui Min Du and Johar Ali and Amy Berghoff and KristineM. Jones and K. Drone and Marc Cotton and Corinne E Joshu and B. Antonoiu and Michael Zidanic and Cindy Strong and Hui Sun and Betty Lamar and Cristy Yordan and Peter Ma and Jun Wen Zhong and Raymond Preston and Daniel Vil and M C Shekher and A. Matero and Ronak C Shah and I'K. Swaby and Andy L O'Shaughnessy and Majela Rodr{\'i}guez and Jascha Hoffman and S. M. Till and Susan J Granat and Nadim Shohdy and Ayumi Hasegawa and Amina Hameed and Muqeem Lodhi and Alexander P Johnson and Ellson Chen and Marco La Marra and Robert A. Martienssen and W. Richard McCombie},
The higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) is an important model for identifying plant genes and determining their function. To assist biological investigations and to define chromosome structure, a coordinated effort to sequence the Arabidopsis genome was initiated in late 1996. Here we report one of the first milestones of this project, the sequence of chromosome 4. Analysis of 17.38 megabases of unique sequence, representing about 17% of the genome, reveals 3,744 protein coding… CONTINUE READING
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