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Sequence Design and Construction of Cryptographic Boolean Functions

  title={Sequence Design and Construction of Cryptographic Boolean Functions},
  author={Khoongming Khoo},
  • K. Khoo
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
In this thesis, we study the application of well-known sequences from communications theory, in the construction of cryptographic Boolean functions. First, we explain the basic connection between binary sequences, polynomials over the finite field GF (2), and Boolean functions. Second, we classify highly nonlinear quadratic polynomials which may have useful applications in the design and cryptanalysis of finite field based crypto-systems. Third, we construct Boolean functions to be used in… Expand
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Boolean Functions with a Few Walsh Transform Values
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Boolean functions have been extensively studied in coding theory, cryptography, sequence design and graph theory. By adding two products of three linear functions to some known bent functions, inExpand


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Construction of Nonlinear Boolean Functions with Important Cryptographic Properties
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