Septic thrombophlebitis: diagnosis and management.

  title={Septic thrombophlebitis: diagnosis and management.},
  author={Julio A. Chirinos and Javier Garc{\'i}a and Maria Luisa Alcaide and Geraldine Toledo and Gio J. Baracco and Daniel M. Lichtstein},
  journal={American journal of cardiovascular drugs : drugs, devices, and other interventions},
  volume={6 1},
Septic thrombophlebitis, as a result of invasion from adjacent nonvascular infections, includes conditions such as Lemierre syndrome (internal jugular vein septic thrombophlebitis), pylephlebitis (portal vein septic thrombophlebitis), and septic thrombophlebitis of the dural sinuses and the pelvic veins. All of these conditions are associated with a very high mortality if untreated. Appropriate antibacterial therapy dramatically improves the outcome of these infections and results in a low… CONTINUE READING


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