Septic arthritis of lumbar facet joints. A review of six cases.

  title={Septic arthritis of lumbar facet joints. A review of six cases.},
  author={M Ergan and Margaret Macro and Claude Laurent Benhamou and Pierre Vandermarcq and T Colin and J L'hirondel and Christian Marcelli},
  journal={Revue du rhumatisme},
  volume={64 6},
Hematogenous infection of the facet joints by pyogenic organisms is exceedingly rare. We report six cases of lumbar facet joint septic arthritis due to hematogenous spread of a pyogenic organism. A review of the literature identified ten anecdotal reports of similar cases. An analysis of these 16 cases showed that the diagnosis was based mainly on imaging study findings and that clinical data failed to discriminate between facet joint septic arthritis and infectious discitis. Increased uptake… CONTINUE READING
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