Sephardic Scholarly Worlds: Toward a Novel Geography of Modern Jewish History

  title={Sephardic Scholarly Worlds: Toward a Novel Geography of Modern Jewish History},
  author={Julia Phillips Cohen and Julia Stein},
  journal={Jewish Quarterly Review},
  pages={349 - 384}
This article presents synthetically the scholarly contributions of four generations of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Sephardic intellectuals, pioneers of the field of Sephardic Studies, who were born in the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Balkans and Levant. These individuals participated in a world of Judeo-Spanish letters that stretched from Jerusalem to Vienna, Livorno to Cairo, Adrianople to Ruschuk, and Sofia to Sarajevo, but whose center of gravity lay somewhere between the Ottoman port… CONTINUE READING


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On Sephardic intellectuals and scholars through the mid - twentieth century , see Yitzhak Kerem , ‘ ‘ The Development and Current State of Research on Ottoman Jewry

  • R. S. Simon, M. M. Laskier, S. Reguer
  • 2010