Separation of microalgae with different lipid contents by dielectrophoresis.

  title={Separation of microalgae with different lipid contents by dielectrophoresis.},
  author={Yu-Luen Deng and Jo-Shu Chang and Yi-Je Juang},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
In this study, the effect of the solution conductivity on the behavior of microalgal cells (Chlorella) with different lipid contents under a non-uniform electric field was investigated. It was found that, for the algal cells with 11 wt% lipid content, the crossover frequency is between 2 and 10 MHz when the solution conductivity is within 1.4 and 2.95 mS/cm, and increases as the solution conductivity increases. As to the microalgal cells with 45 wt% lipid content, they experienced negative DEP… CONTINUE READING