Separation of lactic acid from fermented broth by reactive extraction.

  title={Separation of lactic acid from fermented broth by reactive extraction.},
  author={Mikko J{\"a}rvinen and Liisa Myllykoski and Riitta Liisa Keiski and J Sohlo},
  volume={9 3},
The separation of lactic acid from complex fermentation broth was examined. Liquid-liquid extraction using reversible chemical complexation for reactive extraction was chosen to be the separation method. Over 50% yield of lactic acid was obtained from fermented broth in a single extraction step, when using the tertiary amine as the extractant, 1-dekanol as the diluent and trimethylamine (TMA) as the stripping solution. The effect of complex media on the extraction behaviour has hardly been… CONTINUE READING

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